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Susan Pincus Owner of Sola Cajun Seasoning

SoLa History

SoLa Cajun Seasoning was developed over 30 years ago by a native born Louisiana girl, Susan Odom Pincus. While living in Baton Rouge, she experimented with different spice mixtures until she came up with the perfect blend of flavor and heat.

After she was satisfied that this blend was perfect, she decided to share her Cajun seasoning first with family and then with friends. Over the years, many friends and family have asked for more and wanted the recipe. Susan would give them the seasoning, but never shared the recipe!

After encouragement from many people, begging her to commercially bottle the Cajun Seasoning, Susan finally decided she would “take the plunge” and started researching the way to commercially bottle it. She found a co-packer outside of New Orleans and the rest is history!>



The name “SoLa” comes from the abbreviation of South Louisiana, because SoLa Cajun Seasoning is definitely the “flavor of South Louisiana”.

he blend is made from the highest quality spices and sea salt. Why sea salt? Sea salt has a better flavor than regular table salt, because the natural mineral flavor of the salt comes through. Very few Cajun seasonings are made with sea salt because it is more expensive, but we believe it is better!

The experts also agree that SoLa Cajun Seasoning is special, because chefs in the restaurants use it in their special dishes, regardless of the type of food they specialize in.

What makes the Cajun Seasoning so special is that it does not just have to be used in Cajun dishes, but is a perfect all- purpose seasoning. SoLa Cajun Seasoning can be used to make everything taste better, whether it be chicken, fish, pork or beef! It even makes vegetables taste better!

Check out our cajun recipes to find out how many different types of dishes it can be used in!