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Testimonials 3

Phil Growick (retired marketing executive) – “SoLa is a true “Cajun Cacophony of Flavor”. So for your next meal, turn it from la-dee-dah to SoLa.”

Maiju Growick – “I made salmon today with SoLa! Your seasoning is so great , because you can use a little and get whole different salmon if you use more. SoLa makes cooking easier! Same salmon can be so many different flavors just by adjusting the amount. I also have made Cajun – lemon chicken ! Just great! SoLa makes bland flavors come alive!”

Donna Odom – “We used it on Talipia that I cook on our George Forman Grill!  Really enhances the flavor!  Best seasoning ever!  I will have to try  it on Chicken, Pork & beef!”

Don Yeldell – “It is the I’ve ever used, and y’all know how much I cook! I will let you know when and where available.”

Linda Duff Niemeir (author of sharecropping in Louisiana) – SoLa gives most any protein a great flavor without overpowering. I have used it on chicken, pork, fish, shrimp and beef and my family loves it.

Beverly Lumpkin (retired educator) – “I put it on most of my veggies – it adds so much flavor. I cook salmon and sprinkle a little on it. I love the flavor!”

Becca Minchew (master hairstylist) – We LOVE this seasoning and I know everyone who tries it will also!!