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When you buy JustShop theme, you are not locked in with those features which you see when you buy the theme. JustShop theme is regularly updated with brand new useful features you’ll love and will have latest trends included in its core but you have the freedom to choose to use whichever suits your purpose.

Stay Updated / Up-to-date all the time

We promise Justshop theme will be made compatible with new versions of WordPress that comes out in future! Feel free to use it on your clients project with confidence, you won’t have to fix when things break when WordPress updates in future.

You can future-proof your theme updates because we supply a child theme in the Download package so that you can update theme easily with 1-click in future.

Still not yet convinced? Please feel free to check out updates list here to make sure that we have actually done that previously rather than listening to our boasting above 🙂