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What makes Sola Cajun Seasoning different from all other Cajun seasonings on the market?

SoLa-Seasoning-spice-pour-icon-2SoLa Cajun Seasoning is made with sea salt and high quality spices. Almost all other Cajun seasonings are made with Iodized Salt. Iodized salt has a bitter taste that takes away from the flavor of the seasoning.

Sea salt allows the flavors of the minerals in the salt to come through and blends well with the flavors of the other spices in the seasoning. Some say sea salt is also healthier.

Is SoLa Cajun Seasoning really hot?


SoLa Cajun Seasoning has the perfect balance of heat and flavor. It is not so hot as to cover up the flavor of the food it is added to, nor the other spices in the seasoning.


What types of foods can I use SoLa Cajun Seasoning on?


Everything except dessert! Seriously, it is an all-purpose seasoning that can be used on chicken, fish, pork, and beef.

On chicken, it is great used directly on the chicken, in the coating for the chicken or in chicken casseroles.

For fish, it can be used as a blackening seasoning or just added to the fish while baking, sautéing, poaching or frying.

For pork, it is great added to whole pork loins, butts or chops.

In beef, it can be added to ground beef for Cajun burgers, in meatloaf, roasts, stews or even spaghetti sauce.

Other uses include eggs (boiled scrambled or fried), pasta, sauces and even veggies!

Lastly, it is great on traditional Creole and Cajun dishes such as gumbo, jambalaya, etoufee, bisque and creole.


Does SoLa Cajun Seasoning have gluten in it?

SoLa-Seasoning-gluten-free-cajun-spiceNo, SoLa cajun Seasoning is Gluten free.

Does SoLa Cajun Seasoning have MSG in it?

SoLa-Cajun-Seasoning-MSG-freeNo, SoLa Cajun Spice contains no MSG.

Where is SoLa Cajun Seasoning made?

SoLa-spice-certified-Louisana-Cajun-seasoningSoLa Cajun Seasoning is a Louisiana product made in Jefferson, Louisiana, just outside New Orleans.

What does a “Certified Cajun” product mean?

SoLa-Seasoning-certified-cajun-seasoningIt means that the product has to be made in Louisiana to be “Certified Cajun”. This certification has to be applied for and approved by The Louisiana Department of Agriculture.

What sizes does SoLa Cajun Seasoning come in?


SoLa comes in a 7.2 ounce and 32 ounce jar.

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Do you make a reduced sodium version of the SoLa Cajun Seasoning?

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 11.30.59 AMYes! We recently came out with a reduced sodium blend that has approximately 1/2 the salt as the original blend. Herbs are added to give it great flavor and the heat is about the same as the original blend.

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